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As Expected, Bears Trade Out Of Second-Round Pick And Gain Three Draft Picks In The Process

Chicago Bears Transactions, NFL Draft

The trade for Mitchell Trubisky was costly for the Chicago Bears, who dealt picks in the third and fourth rounds in this weekend’s draft for the right to take a franchise quarterback with second selection in the draft.

In an attempt to recoup some of those picks, the Bears have made a trade:

This is how the Bears announced they would not be using the 36th overall pick. Instead, they traded the selection to the Arizona Cardinals and received the following:

  • Second-round pick (No. 45)
  • Fourth-round pick (No. 119)
  • Sixth-round pick (No. 197)
  • 2018 fourth-round pick

Chicago also sends its seventh-round pick to Arizona, but gaining a sixth-round pick helps the Bears here.

The trade moves the Bears down by nine spots, but also adds two picks to their weekend selections. GM Ryan Pace doesn’t get everything back that he dealt for Trubisky in one fell swoop, but it’s a start.


Luis Medina

Luis is the Lead Writer at The Ten-Yard Line, and you can find him on Twitter at @lcm1986.