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What John Fox, Ryan Pace, Mike Glennon, And Others Had To Say About New No. 2 QB Mitch Trubisky

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The Chicago Bears provided fans with a pleasant surprise when they named rookie QB Mitch Trubisky as Mike Glennon’s backup. And there was no shortage of thoughts on the move.

So let’s take a look at what the Bears GM, head coach, offensive coordinator, and starting quarterback had to say, alongside some thoughts of my own, below. (Sources for each comment follow the bullet).

  • GM Ryan Pace is (obviously) excited about this year’s top draft pick moving up the depth chart. To be sure, Pace re-iterated Glennon’s position ahead of him, but did keep a big picture view of things at the same time. So what is it about the news that has Pace feeling good? Development. “That’s what gets us excited. It’s just been consistent, steady growth for Mitch all along the way.” (Adam Hoge)
  • In fact, you could venture to say Pace couldn’t be happier with how things have gone for Trubisky this summer – because that’s exactly what he said. (Kevin Fishbain)
  • Pace wasn’t the only one impressed, though, as head coach John Fox came out and said Trubisky earned his move up the ranks, adding: “Everyone was pretty impressed with how fast he picked things up.” (Bob LeGere)
  • Naturally, being No. 2 comes with a different set of responsibilities than being No. 3. While Trubisky and Mark Sanchez will share reps running the scout team, the rookie also has to be prepared to step in for Glennon in a pinch – and Pace knows that.
  • And what happens in the event the Bears have to go to Trubisky to navigate through a game because Glennon has to leave early? Offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains says he would not scale back the offense in case of an emergency, but a different game plan would be in place. (Brad Biggs)
  • And to be sure, the Bears offense certainly looked different when Glennon was running the show compared to Trubisky, and that goes beyond Glennon working with a first-team offense against an opposing team’s starters and Trubisky working with the backups against other reserves. For example: Trubisky was rolled out more often, as Loggains attempted to make the most out of the rookie’s mobility.
  • And in reality, Loggains will have his fingerprints all over Trubisky’s development. But what will separate Trubisky in a theoretical quarterback derby that looms ahead is the skill set that he possesses, which has left Loggains impressed. “Physically he has all the tools. This kid never gets rattled.”(Bob LeGere)
  • So how long until Trubisky unseats Glennon (the million dollar question)? There is probably no rush on that, though the original plan of using 2017 as a redshirt for the rookie is probably out the window at this point. Despite Glennon’s lack of experience (he hasn’t started a game since 2014) there is one area the QB1 has over the current QB2, and that’s certain knowledge of the game. Loggains notes that Glennon’s “overall knowledge” and experience in pro style offenses are where Trubisky trails at this point. Though, that’s fairly understandable. (Rich Campbell)
  • But it’s also worth bringing up that Glennon has amassed just 18 starts in his professional career and has thrown just 11 regular season passes since the start of the 2015 season. If Trubisky’s progress continues and the arrow is still pointing up, he’ll catch up with Glennon as far as game experience is concerned.
  • Has anyone asked what QB1 has to say about QB2’s promotion? Of course! It sounds like Glennon is motivated by the competition bubbling beneath him, but he also seems focused and excited about running an offense as the primary quarterback for the first time in quite some time. “I want to come out and help our team win football games and ultimately that’s what motivates me.” (Chicago Bears Twitter)


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