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Danny Trevathan’s Nasty Hit Sent Davante Adams to the Hospital and Could Result in a Suspension

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A vicious hit delivered by Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan last night could lead to an upcoming fine and possible suspension from the league offices. It also further sullied the mood of a 35-14 loss at the hands of the Green Bay Packers. Cool.

Trevathan lowered his helmet and followed through with a ferocious hit on Packers receiver Davante Adams, who was taken off the field in a stretcher, left the stadium in an ambulance, and was taken to the hospital for further observation. The hit – which caused Adams’ mouthpiece to fly out of his mouth – resulted in an unsportsmanlike conduct-unnecessary roughness penalty, extended the Green Bay drive with a fresh set of downs, and eventually wound up leading directly to another Packers touchdown.

This is what the bone-jarring hit looked like:

Trevathan told reporters after the game the hit wasn’t intentional, and instead, was the product of the linebacker hustling to the ball and doing his job. Whether Trevathan’s hit was delivered with malice or not, it is expected to garner a fine and possible suspension as the NFL really can’t allow a needless and unnecessary play to go unpunished.

And if Trevathan is suspended, it will mark the second time in as many years the Bears will play without both of their opening day starting inside linebackers.

This series of tweets from Mike Pereira, a former Vice President of Officiating for the NFL, puts the severity of the hit in perspective:

Michael Cohen, who covers the Packers for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, reports Adams was evaluated for a neck and head injury, as well as a concussion. At least the positive news to come out from this brutal hit is Adams being conscious and having feeling in all his extremities.


Luis Medina

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