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NFL Head of Officiating Explains Why Zach Miller’s Touchdown Was Overturned

Chicago Bears News

The NFL’s Senior Vice President of Officiating is standing behind the call to overturn Zach Miller’s touchdown in the Chicago Bears’ 20-12 loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week 8.

Alberto Riveron, who is in his first year in this position, explained the overturn in a video released by the league on Wednesday morning. Riveron points out on three occasions in which he (and apparently, his replay officials) believe the ball is lose.

A play in three parts:

It’s not the explanation Bears fans, coaches, players, or even Miller himself probably wanted to hear. You could also probably make the case it’s not much of a satisfactory explanation either. That the NFL went to such lengths to stand by their call, which neither of Riveron’s predecessors – whether it’s Dean Blandino or Mike Pereira via CBS Chicago – would agree with, says a lot about the league’s rules regarding what constitutes a catch.

And if that’s what passes as conclusive evidence to overturn a catch, I have a feeling we’ll have more of these controversies in the weeks, months, and years to come.


Luis Medina

Luis is the Lead Writer at The Ten-Yard Line, and you can find him on Twitter at @lcm1986.