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Watch Bryce Callahan Score On A Special Teams Fake Out With Help From Tarik Cohen

Chicago Bears Highlights

It’s Week 17, so there’s no excuse to leave anything left unused from your bag of tricks.

With the Chicago Bears trailing the Minnesota Vikings 14-0 and their offense looking lifeless, leave it to Special Teams Coordinator Jeff Rodgers to dial up something special for the team’s first score:

If you had flashbacks of the Devin Hester/Johnny Knox decoy return against the Green Bay Packers a while back (that was ultimately called back because of a phantom holding call) you are not alone. With the Vikings bearing down on ace return man Tarik Cohen, a heads-up Bryce Callahan was hiding in plain sight and came up with a punt return touchdown.


OK, so it wasn’t a carbon copy of the Hester-Knox return. For example, this situation called for Callahan to blend into an area in an attempt to hide. It’s the same concept of what Dave Toub broke out once upon a time and it looked great.

Callahan has had a rough game so far. He has been flagged on a pair of pass interference plays as the Vikings offense marched down the field with two easy touchdown drives. To see Callahan atone for his defensive miscues on special teams is a silver lining in what has otherwise been a gloomy game.


Luis Medina

Luis is the Lead Writer at The Ten-Yard Line, and you can find him on Twitter at @lcm1986.