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Bears Scout Shares Behind-the-Scenes Look at Drafting Roquan Smith, Which Included Some Heart-Racing Nervousness

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The Chicago Bears were destined to land one of college football’s premier prospects with the No. 8 pick in the draft, though they had to go through a little scare first.

In a video shared on the Bears’ YouTube channel, Lauren Screeden sat down with team area scout Sam Summerville to discuss the team’s first-round pick Roquan Smith. Summerville provided a peek behind the scenes of what it was like in the draft room when their turn to pick, and it wasn’t without its share of drama.

“Everybody’s heart was beating so fast all the way up until right before we picked,” Summerville explained. “We started hearing that there was a trade and somebody was going up in front of us and everybody was really nervous. Then when they didn’t take our guy, we were just so excited. The place erupted and everybody’s cheering. It was a great feeling. It was like winning a big game.”

It makes you wonder what the team would have done had Smith been off the board because it sounds like the Bears had their hearts set on drafting the Butkus Award winning All-American linebacker from Georgia. It didn’t come to that, as the Buffalo Bills moved up in front of Chicago to take a quarterback – a decision that set the Bears’ war room into a celebratory frenzy.

As for what Smith brings to the field, Summerville sees an aggressive, hard-hitting linebacker who can cover receivers, tight ends, and running backs. If Smith can be everything Summerville describes, then pass catchers in the NFC North and around the NFL need to keep their heads on a swivel when Smith is out on the field.

For a complete analysis on the Bears’ first-round pick from Summerville’s scouting perspective, you can watch the video below:


Luis Medina

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