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Trey Burton Says Mitch Trubisky Has the Sort of Leadership Qualities Other Quarterbacks Lack

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Trey Burton is new to Chicago and has only had a handful of practices to get acquainted with quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

And while their bond will continue to grow as we approach training camp in July, there are some things that are standing out to Burton when it comes to his new quarterback. During a recent press conference, Burton called Trubisky “really special” and cited his live arm and athleticism as strengths.

To be fair, plenty of quarterbacks have strong arms and quick feet. But Burton says there is one thing Trubisky has that others don’t: “(Trubisky) does a really good job communicating in the huddle … takes the lead and charge of that, which not everybody does and not everybody feels comfortable doing,” Burton explained. “He’s a special quarterback, a young guy, but I’m really excited for this season to see how it goes.”

Burton is just the latest member of the Bears to make note of  Trubisky’s command in the huddle. Previously …

Leadership skills are a must at the quarterback spot. And if Trubisky has them (sure looks like it!), it’ll go a long way toward helping the Bears improve by leaps and bounds compared to last season. If you’re a believer in the “it” factor, then you might lean toward believing that – based on what his teammates have said and are saying about him – Trubisky definitely has “it.”


Luis Medina

Luis is the Lead Writer at The Ten-Yard Line, and you can find him on Twitter at @lcm1986.